The Bright Wizzard and a Sports Ranch

The magic began when I transformed a forested mountain piece of land into a farm with goats and chickens and over the years every other animal you can think of. The disc golf course was not the first sport to wizzardly appear on the ranch, it was a hand built clay tennis court. Then one day my daughter brilliantly suggested I build a ball golf course on one of my pastures and puff it became a one fairway multiple golf course. In the year of 2000 with a flash of lightening and a hail of thunder bolts the disc golf course turned into the best flyaway disc golf course in the universe with 56 unique tones and targets. The targets are creative art forms built by other disc players. The flyaway disc golf course is in a forested pastural landscape magic manifest where people throw discs with much cheering and joy. When you finish playing disc, a visit to the clay tennis court is worth the walk with the majestic rockie mountains watching you play. Then one day with a wave of my magic wand a beach volleyball court came to life followed by an outdoor ping pong table weighing more than 2 metric tones. We must not forget the Art-Gallery featuring ManWoman, the godfather of pop art in Canada. The collection leans towards shock art. Nothing can prepare you for this attraction but its well worth it. When you need a break from discing you can play horseshoes or do some naked forest bathing with the Wizzard in a magnificent spruce and cedar forest.

Please come to play or camp and stay, peace and love Infinity Solstice.

PS. Be sure to check out Spotify for some of my musical hits, such as Pots a Herb, and Fully Functioning Forest. Thanks and see you soon. – I.S