Is a Keyboard a Piano?

Oh the challenges of music, no its not all roses. I decided to start using another electric piano as I’ve worn out my last one, this new one a very good friend of mine gave me, a Korg Triton Le. After bring it down the stairs in my studio (juice bar) I’m beginning to understand why he gave it to me. It weights a thousand pounds. It’s a full sized keyboard ,88 keys and the keys are weighted like a real piano and its really quite large. With everything new comes a whole lot of learning, reading the manuals, there are two of them and they are really thick. Let me give you an example. Just to change the brightness on the LED screen the instruction read press the exit button three times then press the global button, then while holding down the exit button press the play record button then turn the value knob to the desired brightness. I’ll be a luddite till I die and these are the reasons why. Every time someone asks me to look at a computer screen with them they tend to lock up- it must be my wizzardry or some such thing.

Now that I can see the screen the fun begins. I know I’ll figure out how to use this new keyboard it will just take time. And I have a wee bit of it ,time, as today is the last day of February and March is the month around these parts where winter is never in a hurry to leave. The only word to describe winters pace is reluctance. Slowly, reluctantly the snow creeps up the hill and into the ground turning a lot of the world to ice. This year we had a particularly warm winter, that maybe over stating it, it is winter after all, with the warmest December I can remember and maybe the warmest January as well. The first three quarters of February were pretty nice as well
except to day of course as it is minus nine this morning, but the sun is out and it is beautiful.

This after noon I’m going to take my new tune to Smokin’ Ray’s (Lighting Lix Munroe’s) and feed it in to his recording program so he can work up a guitar track to be the first song on our new album together. I know I’m going to get the new keyboard working for me because I have three more tunes to make happen but the new album has begun.

The barn chores are calling I am a farmer after all, as ManWoman would say “Catch you later”.

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