The Art and Mind of ManWoman

When you’re at the Sports Ranch be sure to check out the gallery!

One of the finest artists Infinity Solstice has ever had the pleasure to meet and cherish over many years of friendship.

To experience the views of ManWomans’ philosophy of life and enlightenment, it is a must to see the collection of art at the Go Organic Sports Ranch that ManWoman brought to the world.

Please feel free to request a guided tour of this unique and very personal gallery.

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Friend of the Swastika

Infinity’s Social Media

Frequently the Wizzard will offer unique perspectives on the world we share.

Visit and subscribe to this amazing YouTube channel to peruse the mind of Infinity and the various ways he views the universe, current events and maybe political viewpoints that need to be heard.


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The Music of Infinity Solstice the Bright Wizzard of Destiny

The music of Infinity is as unique as the man himself.  

Influenced by the music from Elvis Presley, Beatles and Cliff Richard, Infinity has been making music for many years.   

CD’s are available on request but to truly know Infinity you need to hear this music. 

There is a sampling on Spotify: 

Feel free to email Infinity at directly to purchase a CD if you can’t visit the Go Organic Sports Ranch.