The Bad Boys Of Rock N Roll

Its true I probably do have the largest ManWoman art collection in the world, maybe even in the universe. Awhile back I had to drive my wife, Rhonda, down to Cranbrook, ManWomans stomping grounds, so I decided to drop by and visit Astartae ManWomans wife and buy a painting that I knew he had never shown her (yes it is that bad, titled Baby BoyGirl Gets a Boner). when ManWoman showed me the image (a self-portrait) “that’s the worst painting I’ve ever seen. I love it”. I headed down to the basement to look for the canvas and after hunting around with no success Astarta comes down and goes to a small pile by the wall and says “Is this It?” “Yes” there it was in the throw away pile along with another painting of a bare bum pooping out the word ‘god’ brown and all. It seems that nothing is to sacred for ManWoman to poke fun at or to poke poo at and I’m not the sure but I doubt that this painting will be around for long. Anyway she gave me the canvas ‘Baby BoyGirl Gets a Boner” but I shan’t describe it to you at present as seeing is believing. I’m going to make a video of my collection so you can view it on my website.

My good friend Mike owed me some money so he paid me back in ManWoman canvases, four to be exact. Now hanging in the toonie gallery I have the entire collection, the entire series ‘The Bad Boys Of Rock n Roll’. Until you have seen them I’m sure you’ll agree that words just wouldn’t do them justice. Lets just say they are ‘beyond outrageous’. The seven images include Jimmy Hendrix, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Louis, Elvis, Jim Morrison and last but not least the only ‘Bad Girls of Rock n Roll Madonna. Bet you cant wait ’til you’ve seen them.

I’ve finally started working on my fourth album so I had to pass by Cranbrook on my way to the studio and there was just one more canvas I wanted for my collection ‘Strange Little Man From Two Hills’ and I- you guessed it, I bought it. There are a few more canvases that I would like to own but my house is small and I’m running out of wall space. we’ll see. I really do miss my buddy ManWoman as I was his best friend north or Harrogate BC.

looking forward to seeing you in the toonie gallery. Peace.
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